How to activate Mcafee

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How to Activate Mcafee


Download Mcafee Free Trial: Click Here

Click here to register your Mcafee key

In order to activate Mcafee please follow steps below:


-       Make a note of your Mcafee activation key.

-       Click here to go to Mcafee activation page

-       Enter you key on Mcafee activation page.

-       Enter your email address

-       If this is first time installation:

o   Please choose the password for your new account.

-       If this is a renewal:

o   Please enter the password for your existing mcafee account.

o   In case you forgot the password please click on forgot my password and reset the password.

-       You might see a pop up for auto renewal of mcafee, be careful and if you want to opt out you can cancel this page.

-       Click on install this PC and let the installation begin.


Here is a video to explain everything more clearly.









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